Class Description

At Ann Freeman Dance Academy we offer two tracks of classes to suit a variety of students.

Our "Traditional Track" begins with the youngest dancer at age 3 and continues through the 12th grade. This level of dance at our studio is for those that enjoy dancing but may not have the time or wish to commit to more intense dance training. This student is very important to us here at AFDA!

"Performing Team" track is our dance track for those students who want a more intense training in dance. These teams have special requirements and help the students move toward a pre-professional level of dance as they progress through the various levels of our teams if they have that desire for the future. FOR TEAM INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US.

Preschool - Kinder - Level 2

These Classes Are Combination Classes

Preschool (Ages 3-4)

(Note: Must be 3 by 10/1/2017)

For this age level dance class consist of pre-ballet movements that will help to develop the student’s flexibility, strength and muscle memory and control. This class also includes creative movement for co-ordination and awareness of space as well as a creative imagination. Tap class consists of mastering single sounds along with musical awareness with the use of song as well.

Kinder Level (5-6)

(Note: Must be 5 by 8/31/2017)

Students at this age will continue to develop their ballet skills incorporating the actual “French” terminology that classical ballet was based upon. Their co-ordination skills will be built upon as well strengthening their ankles and leg muscles. Continued studies with creative movement to promote their ability to comprehend and respond. Tap classes building into using double sounds and new rhythm patterns will be a big part of this year.

Level 1 – Beginner (6-8)

This level is the first level when the students begin to study ballet and tap with a more in-depth idea of what dance entails. Their ballet class focuses on strengthening the use of ankles through the use of releve’. Their tap will include mastering movements that travel the stage in more complicated patterns and adding to their terminology list. This year students will be adding a “Pre-Jazz” class to continue the training of stretching, strengthening and musical awareness.

NOTE: Students ages 7-8 who have never had dancing before should take this level class. Taking this class their first year will help them develop to move into their own age level quickly the next year. If you have questions please feel free to contact us.

Level 2 – Beginner (7-9)

Classes in ballet, tap and jazz are offered for this age group. At this level, performance and style will be emphasized and developed. We recommend taking multiple classes per week, as it will improve their technical ability at a time when growing as a dancer is absolutely critical.

Students may also sign up for Acro and Hip Hop classes.

NOTE: Students ages 9-11 years with no dance experience should start in this level to give them time to “catchup” on the terminology and technique needed to move into their own age group. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Level 3 - Level 8 Classes

If you take jazz you are required to take ballet.

Level 3 – Beginning Intermediate (9-12)

The beginning intermediate level begins the journey of not only continuing a dancer’s technique, advanced terminology and more intricate steps but also adds dance history and a greater understanding of the human body and how each muscle works to help the student accomplish their dance goals.

NOTE: Students 11-12 years with no dance experience should start in this level to give them time to "catchup" on the terminology and technique needed to move into their own age group. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

 Level 4 - Intermediate (10-13)

The Level 4 ballet class is based as a “pre-pointe” class working to strengthen the students ankles, legs and torso to support being on pointe. The tap and jazz classes continue the strengthening of ankles and legs for higher leaps and better place turns.

Level 5 & 6– Adv. Intermediate (11-14)

For dancers that who wish to further enhance their dance training and stylization Level 5 & 6 will place the strongest emphasis on technique. Pointe work is added to the ballet class. Other classes offered for this level are tap, jazz, modern/contemporary, hip hop and acro. Dancers are encouraged to take as many as classes as possible to enhance their dance knowledge and strength as a dancer.

Level 7 & 8 - Advanced (14-18)

Level 7 and 8 incorporate pointe work not only in the class room but for performances as well. A student must have the strength of ankles, legs and core for this level of work. The tap work in these levels focuses on the musicality and intricate rhythm patterns of advanced tap. The jazz classes work on the highest level of difficulty in leaps, turns, balance movements and control. Advanced Modern incorporates not only lyrical and contemporary styles but the true form of modern dance to prepare students for their college modern classes. 

Adult Level Classes

We have adult classes for late beginner teens through college age students and on up through the adult years. 

Adult Tap * Adult Jazz * Adult Ballet * Adult Hip Hop* New Adult "TRUE" Beginner Tap Class

Acro Levels

Acro Level 1 - Beginner to Advanced Beginner
This class focuses on the basic acro movements including stretching, flexibility and balance and control. Students MUST COMPLETE ALL OF THE SKILL SETS TO ADVANCE.
Acro Level 2 - Advanced Beginner

This level of acro class is for students who have mastered the following...carhwheels, headstand, and front walkover. This class will build onto the basics already learned and into the intermediate level of acro.

Acro Level 3 - Intermediate
This class is by staff recommendation only. 

Hip Hop Levels

Hippety Hip Hop

A fun-filled class of basic hip hop moves for students ages 5-7 incorporating warmups, conditioning and hip hop moves. Age appropriate movement and music is always used in this class.

Youth Hip Hop

The next level in hip hop training going beyond the basics. 


"Teen"  Hip Hop

Great for 8th grade through adult classes. Call for more information.

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