It has been a most unusual and difficult year but here at AFDA we know the "show must go on!".

  • We were able to Zoom over 405 hours of classes during April & May.
  • We worked through 3 "in-studio" rehearsals .
  • *We held 6 mini Recitals in studio while our studio parents watched on an outdoor screen.

It was nothing like our usual lights, stage and action recitals but it was special!

In the meantime we have marked off our studios for spacial distancing, we have extra cleaning systems in place and our students came back in the studio during June for our Technique Day Camps. It was so good to see everyone again and the kids were thrilled to be back in the studio.

As we move forward and get as close to "normal" as we can we have some AMAZING summer activities in July and we are so excited for the kids!

Check out our Summer Classes page for more information.

Our 2020-2021 Schedule is live and Registration is open.
Click on the "dancer" in the top right corner then follow instructions.

Note: Schedule is subject to some minor changes.

Acro Level Classes

Preschool - Kinder Acro

We are so excited to offer our new Kinder Acro/Hip Hop classes for ages 3-5 year old students. In this class students will learn to roll, crawl, stretch and strengthen in a way that will develop their co-ordination, flexibility and body strength.

Acro Level 1 - Beginner to Adv. Beginner Level

This class focuses on the basic acro movements including stretching, flexibility and balance and control. Students MUST COMPLETE ALL OF THE SKILL SETS BEFORE ADVANCING TO LEVEL 2.

Acro Level 2 - Intermediate Level

This level of acro class is for students who have mastered the following...cartwheels, headstand, and front walkover. This class will build onto the basics already learned and into the intermediate level of acro. STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE ALL OF THE SKILL SETS REQUIRED IN LEVEL 2 BEFORE ADVANCING INTO LEVEL 3.

Acro Level 3 - Advanced Level

Level 3 Acro classes will explore and develop the students ability for across the floor tumbling passes and more advanced tricks that can be used in choreography.