The 2017-2018 year will mark Ann Freeman's 57th year of teaching in the Hickory area.

However, she will also celebrate her 61st year of teaching total, which includes her time teaching in Asheville, North Carolina for Mr. Beale Fletcher.


Mrs. Freeman sold the studio to her daughter, Jackie Olson in 2012. And together along with Mrs. Freeman and 5 other staff members and office personel, they continue the educational tradition of dance.



Staff members of AFDA.....

Erika Keener
               Ann Freeman - Founder                    Jackie Olson - Owner                Erika Keener - Staff


Anyea Gibson Emery Sherrill
         Talita Byrnes -  Anyea Gibson - Staff Emery Sherrill - Staff
Bailey Huffman  Buddy Freeman
Erica Bolick - Staff Bailey Olson - Office Manager L.A. Freeman - Office Liason
Grisha Smirnov- Acro



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