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Studio Policy & Classroom Etiquette

Studio Policies

On behalf of Ann Freeman Dance Academy and its Faculty, I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm and sincere "WELCOME" to each of you.

If you have been with us before you are familiar with our policies. If you are a newcomer to the Academy we want to let you know that our policies are intended to insure that every student receives the utmost attention, an opportunity to advance, and to support the disciplines so vital to the success of every personal achievement. We are pleased that you have selected our school and pledge ourselves to justify the confidence you place in us.

Please note that all decisions applicable to the studio are made by me, Jackie Olson (Owner). If you have questions concerning the studio policies contact me directly and I will ve happy to try to help you get the right answer to your questions.

General Information

  • NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE STUDIO. This applies to everyone. Do not bring snacks for siblings, unless you take them to your car to eat.
  • NO SOLICITING allowed on the premises.
  • All students, regardless of which class they have been assigned, will be evaluated every two months. If any student is not on the required level that benefits them, said student will be assigned to another class on his/her level.
  • ALL SMALL CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT WHILE IN THE WAITING ROOM. No loud noises, jumping on the furniture or running around.
  • Please do not interrupt the instructors while class is in session. Their time belongs to the students.
  • Take pride in your studio and help us keep it clean by using the trash cans and not leaving your personal belongings behind. This includes used magazines and newspapers.
  • PARENT'S VISITATION week will be in January. We do not allow parents or friends to observe classes as we have a short amount of time to get many things done and we need the attention of the students. But we invite you into class in December to observe the student's class and what they have accomplished.
  • WE HAVE A TWO STORY BUILDING. If your child's classes are in the lower studios, please use the parking area in the back of the building. Be sure not to block ingoing and outgoing traffic on the side drive or in the upper parking area.

Bad Weather Policy

  • If inclement weather is predicted on your child's dance day, please check this website (lower left-home page), our Facebook or Instagram pages after 1:00pm.

Newsletter and Other Information

  • Our monthly newsletter is sent out through email.
  • Each waiting area has a TV that will run our monthly newsletters.
  • Be sure to join our "Band" app that will also keep you up to date with weather closings and answers to general questions.
  • Our dance families have access to our "Communication" Hub where you can find information for the entire dance year.


  • ALL PAYMENTS FOR CLASSES ARE DUE ON THE 10TH OF EACH MONTH. You may now pay "online" or payments may be made at the front desk but must be received by 8:00PM on the 10th.
    The computer program will automatically add a $12 late charge regardless of the date on the check.
    Students whose payments are more than two months in arrears will be dropped.
  • Make all checks payable to Ann Freeman Dance Academy or "A.F.D.A". There will be a $35 charge for all returned checks, with a request that all payments thereafter be paid by cash.
  • There is no reduction in fees for classes missed. Make up classes are available. In case of a prolonged illness special arrangements can be made.
  • Our dance year consists of at least 34 lessons plus rehearsals and a recital. Please note that the months with five lessons more than compensate for any months with fewer than 4 lessons due to holidays.


For each level of class at AFDA we have specific "color" of uniform for the girls to wear. Please see the
list below...

For Preschool & Kinder - Black or pink leotards For Level 1 & 2 Students: Black or light blue leotards
Pink tights Pink or tan tights
Pink ballet shoes Pink ballet shoes
Black tap shoes Tan tap shoes

For Level 3 Students: Black or For Level 4 & 5 Students: Black or Magenta leotards
Pink or tan tights Pink or tan tights
Pink ballet shoes Pink ballet shoes
Tan tap shoes Tan tap shoes

For Level 6 & 7 Students: Black or lilac leotards For Hip Hop Classes: Clothes to move in easily
Pink ballet shoes Hip Hop Sneakers or tennis shoes
Tan tap shoes
Tan jazz shoes. For Lyrical/Modern: Leotards in studio colors (black, pink, lt blue, lilac, magenta)
Pointe shoes (by permission only) Bare Feet for Lyrical I and II
Foot Thong IIIs for Modern class

For our Young Men: Black pants
White t-shirts
Black ballet shoes
Black tap shoes
Black jazz shoes

Other Attire Information

  • All female students must wear tights and leotards for class.
  • No shorts, sweaters, jackets, hoodie, t-shirts, etc. and no - half tops allowed in the studio.
  • The last week in the month your child may wear a color leotard of their choice. However, the leotard must be in good taste. (No two-piece)
  • Dance shoes are not to be worn outside. This is not good for the shoes or the wood dance floor.

AFDA Dancewear Store - Click Here
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  • All girl's hair must be pulled back in a tidy manner prior to class. Students in the Level 5-8 classes must have their hair in a bun for ballet.
  • NO JEWELRY TO BE WORN IN CLASS. Please leave valuables at home.


  • Regular attendance is a must.
  • We intend to make every effort to keep classes starting and ending on time.
  • Students should arrive no more than 10 minutes before their lesson begins, and should be picked up promptly after each lesson is over.